“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”– Rachel Zoe

Welcome to Shape Your Wardrobe

Clothes are more than a tool for covering your decency. They can act as armour, give you confidence, reflect your character, make a good impression, give you pleasure and simply make you smile.

Think about how wearing your favourite outfit makes you feel. Do you feel the same in all the clothes in your wardrobe? Wouldn’t you like to?
It is possible. From a full wardrobe edit to tailored personal shopping services, my aim is to help you shape your wardrobe around the clothes that make you the best version of yourself.




At Shape Your Wardrobe my philosophy is not built around spending the most money or having a wardrobe full of designer items.

It’s about helping you think about the clothes you have in a different way and finding a personal style that works for you, and most importantly shaping a wardrobe that works for you because it gives you the confidence to dress for your life.

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Body Shapes

Ever tried to re create a celebrity red carpet look or even a friend’s great outfit and ended up disappointed? This may come down to having a completely different body shape from that person.

Don’t worry! You can adapt the look for you by understanding your body shape and what suits it.

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