Haircare goes Supersonic

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The future's supersonic

The future’s supersonic

I’ve seen various gadgets for our tresses come and go through the years, each promising to make the haircare of someone with thick moderately wavy hair easy peasy. Its fair to say though that I haven’t been this excited since the advent of the hair straightener.

So what was it about the new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer that had me all hyped up? Was it the £50 million and 4 year investment in the development of the product by a brand that already revolutionised the way a lot of us undertake household chores? Perhaps. But mostly for me it was the genuine innovation.  All my life hairdryers have come as standard with motors in the barrel. Guaranteed to make your arm ache trying to recreate that perfect salon look or your favourite stylist to be off with hairdressers elbow. (Not sure if that’s an actual thing but they must have an equivalent).

Finally someone had considered that maybe there was a better way. So Dyson have put the motor in the handle, giving some big plus points – more balanced in your hand and a shorter barrel making directing the hairdryer at your barnet (when you haven’t been trained as a top stylist) much easier. It’s also much smaller which makes it easier to travel with.

Then there’s the hairtech – yes using ions to smooth the hair shaft is not new, but this time they have actually looked at the airflow too. Hold your hand above or below the air stream on the Supersonic and you can feel nothing, meaning instead of air-drying the room around you, its actually focussing on your hair.

An added plus for those of us who need to get ready, whilst other members of the household are slumbering – virtual silence compared to your standard model. It comes with 2 attachments, the smoothing nozzle to style and smooth as you go and the other styling concentrator for concentrated styling for those more intricate do’s. There’s a diffuser for those with curls.  Pretty standard, but Dyson have paid attention and instead of relying on plastic clips, which invariably break after a while, the attachments are fixed by magnets.

But the £50 million question is, does all this actually make a difference to drying your hair? More importantly, is it worth the £299 price tag? (I have to confess that would have been my  biggest stumbling block had I not had some John Lewis vouchers burning a hole in my pocket).

Although I was sceptical initially and had every intention of returning if it didn’t deliver, my answer is a massive YES. I have really thick hair that even in a short style takes an age to dry. Not so with the Supersonic. it takes me less than 10 mins to dry my almost bobbed hair, relying on a great variable speed and 3 heat levels. I haven’t used the top speed or heat yet, so no doubt it’s even quicker with those. The manoeuvrability is head and shoulders (excuse the pun) above your run of the mill dryer, no crick neck or dead arm. As a result of the smooth styling nozzle and the cool shot that is actually cool immediately, my straighteners have become somewhat redundant, surely better for the health of my hair.

Only a couple of points from me, I think the cool shot would be even better if you didn’t have to keep your finger on the button to operate it. The other is that it’s best not to wear a necklace whilst using it. It heats up the metal surprisingly high and I slightly burnt my neck the first time I used it, ooops!!

Hello indeed, where have you been?

Hello indeed, where have you been?

For me the Supersonic is a game changer. Yes, its expensive but then when I think how many sub standard hair dryers I have had and worn out over the years, its probably pretty good value.

For me there is no looking back, it’s the start of a lifelong love affair with the Supersonic.

Have you tried it out, what do you think?

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