Sales Shopping – The Shape Your Wardrobe Guide

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Sleeping outside overnight, the queues, the frantic rampages to get the best bargain. Just watching the annual coverage of the Harrods sale, where this year they actually hired performers to entertain the crowds (how civilized), made me want to crawl under the duvet and hide. This, from someone who loves shopping and loves a bargain even more.

If, like me, the traditional sales shopping frenzy is not for you here’s my guide to successful sales shopping, which these days is applicable all year round.

Controversial – but don’t go right at the start of the sales. That way lies the insanity of queuing overnight and planning strategies of how to get to the rails first (mostly involving bodily harm of your fellow shoppers). There is only one exception to this rule, and it applies to both online and in store. If you have had your eye on a particular piece for a while and that is what you have set your heart on and you know it will be a steal. Then I urge you to join in, embrace the glorious madness and do whatever you have to. Otherwise the sales tend to get better as mid January (or mid sale period, if at another time of year) approaches. Further discounts are given, the crowds thin/the website stops crashing just as you want to check out – making it a more pleasant shopping experience.

Review your wardrobe before even thinking about entering a shop (real or virtual). Without doing so it’s all too easy to have your head turned, only to return home with another pair of black trousers to add to the 10 you already have. Make a note of items you love but rarely wear because you can never seem to find anything to go with them. Think about the type of thing that would complement them and focus your shopping on those “missing items”.

Shop Local
Often the independent boutique style shops can be a great bet in the sales. Generally, offering a more personal service and more unique items of stock. It can add a certain additional feel-good factor knowing your purchase is supporting your local high street.

Go equipped
It’s a little dull and sounds like advice your Mum would give you but it’s worth repeating:

  • Dress practically, neutral separates are ideal when it comes to easing the changing room experience. They provide something to go with other separates you may try. Even better wear that item you are desperately trying to find a partner for.
  • Sore feet will not assist in your bargain hunt, so comfortable shoes are a must. (Comfortable does not equate to boring, just saying!);
  • Hydrate whilst on the go by carrying a bottle of water in your handbag;
  • Plan pit stops, not only to slake hunger and thirst, but useful for reviewing items already seen and planning the next shops to visit and really what’s shopping without the added reward of cake?

Don’t get bargain fever
It’s that sinking feeling, you have yet to make a purchase despite shopping for what feels like hours, everyone else has a bargain and you don’t, the shopping will be an epic fail, this must be avoided at all costs so you reach for that……………….neon vest top, only £10, sure to be a winner on the beach. Never mind it doesn’t fit properly, you hate neon and it will be relinquished in 6 months time to someone in need of 80’s fancy dress, you will have got a BARGAIN. Mission accomplished.

Sound familiar? To avoid this common affliction keep in mind that clothing purchases (sale item or not) barring those boring essentials like socks etc – should make you joyful at the thought of wearing them and that joy must not be solely linked the price tag being lower than it should be. Whilst that can be part of the allure don’t let it be the only reason you buy an item.

Happy shopping.

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