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Recycling Summer for Party Season

Posted on: December 5th, 2017 by Emma No Comments

Tis the season and all that and whilst I just may have a blog of all the lovely stuff that is out there in the shops up my sleeve I also wanted to do a quick piece on why, when faced with occasion dressing of the Christmas variety, you could find the answer in the most unlikely of places – your Summer wardrobe.

Yes you did hear correctly and yes I probably am directing this post at those of you whose internal mercury runs higher than most (I suspect there are quite a few of us ladies). Let’s face it, most “do’s”, parties, shindigs end up being warm affairs whether on the dancefloor, packed bar or in the kitchen at house parties.  I had a christening to go to last week so needed to be church and then gathering at a friend’s house as well as weather appropriate, I came up with three options and at least 2 of them included slightly unseasonal items.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

First up this LK Bennett number, clearly I am not mad enough to think this would be warm enough in the face of frost and whilst I contemplated layering a fine knit or similar underneath it I decided to carry the blue from tope to toe by adding a brighter blue jumper over the top. Easy to discard once your event warms up, looks great with a statement necklace and by dressing in multiple shades of blue with the finishing touch of the M&S Cinderella shoes you will most definitely be ready to go to the ball.

Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue

Of course even I needed an outer layer option. My top tip here is to go for a luxe fabric –velvet is a great choice I went for trusty black blazer (last winter from M&S) but there are some great coloured versions this season. I also think a sequin goes a long way and this River Island one gets my vote.

Left to Right - Topshop, Karabo Clothing, River Island

Left to Right – Topshop, Karabo Clothing, River Island

Another option was the Reiss dress, that is probably the most complimented dress in my wardrobe, so what better excuse to get more wear out of it? It’s already earmarked for a destination wedding next year but was surprisingly easy to adapt for Derbyshire in December.



The secret – a great pair of knee high boots with metallic detailing and again finished with luxe velvet. If this is too light on the layers for you, layer over a fitted turtle neck.

Just add suede boots

Just add suede boots

Ultimately I went for my trusty tweed. The wool fabric keeps everything toasty but the bare shoulders created by the bandeau style neckline give it a bit of edge. For warmth add the trusty blazer and bring it all together with a pop of colour with the shoes and bag.


So before you dash round the crowded shops for your Christmas events – take a look in the back of the wardrobe. What about you? Do you need more warmth or do you like the idea of getting more wear out of those underused seasonal pieces? I’d love to see what you are updating for midwinter.

If rummaging in your wardrobe is a daunting prospect or you’d like some tips dressing for the party season get in touch to book your wardrobe reshape or your express shop.

The 89th Academy Awards Fashion & Drama

Posted on: February 27th, 2017 by Emma No Comments

Now I have recovered from my once a year all nighter (this year fuelled by the superb espresso martinis at Ham Yard Hotel’s Dive Bar) and the incredible plot twist straight from a script I can share my take on the fashion.  The red carpet may have got somewhat overtaken by events, though it certainly had impact.

The trends saw a move to simplicity but the wow factor was kept high by drama being created through silhouette, bold blocks of colour and high octane jewels.

It was back to black for many of the attendees but that definitely didn’t mean boring.  Kirsten Dunst, Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek and my last year’s favourite dress winner, Brie Larson, all went for highly dramatic shape and detail for their black numbers.  The queen in this category, even though she used navy over black, and also for me a contender of best of the night was Taraji P. Henson.  She nailed the old school Hollywood Va Va Voom with a beautifully cut Alberta Ferretti dress complete with a stunning scooped sweetheart neckline.  Finishing touch were the stunning sparkles around her neck. Bravo and a million miles from Cookie Lyon.

Taraji P.Henson in Alberta Ferretti

Taraji P.Henson in Alberta Ferretti

With the ladies in black the men switched and wore white tie but for me it was only really pulled off by the ever impeccable David Oyelowo.

David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo

One of the other stories of the evening was metallic but again this was used simply to great effect, head to foot block metallic may sound bold but with simple silhouettes and shades of pale gold and pastel, many could have been mistaken for the statuettes themselves.  Those that stood out for me were Amy Adams, Isabelle Huppert and Emma Stone.  I especially loved the fringing detail on Emma Stone’s dress which kept the look fresh.  Also a runner for my favourite of the night.

Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture

Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture

Michelle Williams, who has my favourite red carpet style overall, decided to combine the 2 key trends with black and pale metallic sequins in one dress.  Louis Vuitton it may have been but the style was pure Michelle.

MIchelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Out of the block colour numbers it was Viola Davis in scarlet that was a revelation, coupled with her youthful swept hair she really  owned that dress.

Viola Davis in custom Armani

Viola Davis in custom Armani

Belts and the waist featured prominently in lots of the looks, the winner of the great Hollywood belt off though was Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson in Azzedine Alaïa

Scarlett Johansson in Azzedine Alaïa

So my Oscar for best dressed goes to…………………..  oh I don’t know its one of these 3, they looked equally amazing so you tell me, which one? 

Haircare goes Supersonic

Posted on: August 19th, 2016 by Emma No Comments
The future's supersonic

The future’s supersonic

I’ve seen various gadgets for our tresses come and go through the years, each promising to make the haircare of someone with thick moderately wavy hair easy peasy. Its fair to say though that I haven’t been this excited since the advent of the hair straightener.

So what was it about the new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer that had me all hyped up? Was it the £50 million and 4 year investment in the development of the product by a brand that already revolutionised the way a lot of us undertake household chores? Perhaps. But mostly for me it was the genuine innovation.  All my life hairdryers have come as standard with motors in the barrel. Guaranteed to make your arm ache trying to recreate that perfect salon look or your favourite stylist to be off with hairdressers elbow. (Not sure if that’s an actual thing but they must have an equivalent).

Finally someone had considered that maybe there was a better way. So Dyson have put the motor in the handle, giving some big plus points – more balanced in your hand and a shorter barrel making directing the hairdryer at your barnet (when you haven’t been trained as a top stylist) much easier. It’s also much smaller which makes it easier to travel with.

Then there’s the hairtech – yes using ions to smooth the hair shaft is not new, but this time they have actually looked at the airflow too. Hold your hand above or below the air stream on the Supersonic and you can feel nothing, meaning instead of air-drying the room around you, its actually focussing on your hair.

An added plus for those of us who need to get ready, whilst other members of the household are slumbering – virtual silence compared to your standard model. It comes with 2 attachments, the smoothing nozzle to style and smooth as you go and the other styling concentrator for concentrated styling for those more intricate do’s. There’s a diffuser for those with curls.  Pretty standard, but Dyson have paid attention and instead of relying on plastic clips, which invariably break after a while, the attachments are fixed by magnets.

But the £50 million question is, does all this actually make a difference to drying your hair? More importantly, is it worth the £299 price tag? (I have to confess that would have been my  biggest stumbling block had I not had some John Lewis vouchers burning a hole in my pocket).

Although I was sceptical initially and had every intention of returning if it didn’t deliver, my answer is a massive YES. I have really thick hair that even in a short style takes an age to dry. Not so with the Supersonic. it takes me less than 10 mins to dry my almost bobbed hair, relying on a great variable speed and 3 heat levels. I haven’t used the top speed or heat yet, so no doubt it’s even quicker with those. The manoeuvrability is head and shoulders (excuse the pun) above your run of the mill dryer, no crick neck or dead arm. As a result of the smooth styling nozzle and the cool shot that is actually cool immediately, my straighteners have become somewhat redundant, surely better for the health of my hair.

Only a couple of points from me, I think the cool shot would be even better if you didn’t have to keep your finger on the button to operate it. The other is that it’s best not to wear a necklace whilst using it. It heats up the metal surprisingly high and I slightly burnt my neck the first time I used it, ooops!!

Hello indeed, where have you been?

Hello indeed, where have you been?

For me the Supersonic is a game changer. Yes, its expensive but then when I think how many sub standard hair dryers I have had and worn out over the years, its probably pretty good value.

For me there is no looking back, it’s the start of a lifelong love affair with the Supersonic.

Have you tried it out, what do you think?

Solihull Fashion Week

Posted on: April 22nd, 2016 by Emma No Comments

It may not be New York but this new event on the local fashion calendar kicked off in style.

Mr Du Beke

I’m an advocate for shopping local so events like this by the Solihull BID are to be applauded to keep our high streets alive.

Th Glamorous Hosts

The Glamorous Hosts

Presided over by the dapper Mr Du Beke and his very glamorous co host Sameena Ali-Khan who kept the audience very entertained, not least when Anton reduced a couple of James Bushell’s stylists (if you need a go to hairdresser, James Bushell is it!) to tears of laughter and flummoxed with them with the description of a new do “the waft”


Its all about the waft

Taking us though a typical range of Summer events from the Yacht Club to a Country Weekend via a Day at  the Races, the catwalk showcased the best from the major retailers and highlighted  Solihull’s quality independents.  Our favourite looks came from the independents.

With its pretty floral print and dip hem this great dress from Aspire  made for me the perfect Summer frock.

I also loved these  gorgeous yellow looks from Madeleine Ann to take us to the Races.

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

My all out stand out favourite the Yellow fleck chunky knit jumper with black shoulder strap and brooch.  It had colour, it had slouch it had cold shoulder and is versatile enough to take it from a Saturday lunch out to a full out glamour affair thanks to the black strap detail.

The Ultimate Jumper

The Ultimate Jumper?

The high street offering was all about earning your fashion stripes for Summer mix and match different stripes in the same look – guaranteed this is what you will be reaching for this summer to add that catwalk gloss to your look.

Bold and Clash

Stripes in all Directions

Find more stripes to inspire you on SYW’s Earn Your Stripes Pinterest Board Follow Shape Your Wardrobe's board Earn Your Stripes on Pinterest.


So to steal & corrupt a phrase from one of the illustrious hosts – keep fashioning Solihull!