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Fabulous Garden Party

Posted on: June 30th, 2016 by Emma No Comments


Regular readers of the blog know what a fan I am of Fabulous.  Their Annual Garden Party always sells out rapidly, but this year, I managed to snag a ticket, yay! So with a garden partyesque dress lined up  all that could spoil it was the rain.  Thankfully it didn’t.  Arriving at Mallory Court, the gorgeous venue for the event, we were bathed in sunshine.   Brilliant to get started checking out a host of the designers featured at Fabulous, not before we had a glass of Pimms in hand of course.

Enjoying the Pimms

Enjoying the Pimms

First stop Reeves and Reeves, the husband and wife team who are helping Fabulous to design their new own brand – Life’s Journey bangle collection.  I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these bangles but in the meantime I was drawn immediately to their chunky leather cuff in vibrant colours.  The perfect piece to stash in the suitcase for holiday or to simply bring that holiday feeling to any outfit.  After I tried it I just couldn’t take it off, especially as it matched my handbag.  It had to come home with me.

Well how could I not?

Well how could I not?

Even better than the jewellery though was all the beautifully put together outfits. I had picked the dress in my wardrobe that makes me feel most like Audrey Hepburn and I wish I could wear all the time.  It’s from Katherine Draisey in Solihull and I know will be one of those forever dresses.


If I click my heels will I become Audrey?

It was particularly everyone’s the shoes that stood out to my stylist’s eye, both the favourite pairs we spotted were from Dune’s summer collection. Jo, Fabulous’ founder had this amazing metallic pair with intricate detailing on the heel, another one to bring a hit of instant summer to any outfit.

The ultimate holiday sandal

The ultimate holiday sandal

Whilst introducing my friend Clare, my guest for the afternoon,  to Fabulous’ own brand Mantra, I was able to get the mantra necklace I was already sporting engraved.  The mantra is Life is Beautiful so I thought it was only fitting for my engraving to be the date of my wedding.

My Special Date

My Special Date

Jo’s welcome and run through of all the designers at the garden party, made us realise there was still lots for us to see, but first lunch.


But first lunch

This included chance to swap styling stories with Lynn Bromley and to find out about the sartorial challenges faced by Leamington’s deputy mayor.  Oh and not forgetting the most delicious dessert, the mint, lemon and raspberry flavour combo was Summer in a glass.




Post lunch was more browsing.   Most exciting was 2 of the new brands coming to Fabulous.  Take What You Need – the concept is a changeable bar necklace which uses magnetic bars which can be personalised.  One of them is definitely finding its way to my wish list.  The other was Suzannah Key, a young designer just out of college who won Fabulous’ futures awards.  I am already in love with her spinning pendants, designed as a result of women’s tendency to touch and fiddle with their jewellery, I can just imagine spinning the compass one around.

Talented Suzannah Key spinning pendants

Talented Suzannah Key’s spinning pendants

All good things come to an end but another great Fabulous event and now I am sat at home, Betty Draper style, awaiting the return of my husband.  I really don’t want to take my dress off, maybe he’ll take me out when he see’s me in it.


If you have an event or occasion coming up and need a hand pulling together you look, get in touch we can shop with you or for you.  Our express shop service aims to find the outfit or finishing touch in your lunch hour.  Available in Leamington or Solihull for £75. 

The o o o O bag Experience

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Rapidly becoming a favourite brand of mine I jumped at the chance to attend the official launch of O bag’s first UK concept store in Solihull (not that it hasn’t been a frequent lunchtime haunt of mine since it opened in December).  Warning: It’s not a shopping experience for the indecisive, offering a dizzying array of choice of ready made customisation.
So much choice

So much choice

 The basic premise is that you choose your bag shape and then make your very own variation of O bag selecting from on the plethora of handles, interiors and accessories to end up with your own unique creation.  The brilliance is that the shapes are classic framers (from the O bag and O bag mini through the O basket and the O pocket clutch style) and the seasonal or personal update is all in the detail.  Go bold and add detail using all 3, keep it simple and add nothing, add a pop of bright colour or luxe it up with faux fur trim – the choice is yours.  Quality is not sacrificed in favour of quirky, as is often the case.  Staying true to it’s Italian roots the products have a chic luxury feel.
It started with a watch

It started with a watch

It all started with an O clock, which I received as a birthday gift.  A similar concept to the bags, choose a coloured strap then choose your dial.  Easy to assemble you simply push your choice of face into the silicone strap.  Best of all the price is a fraction of what you would pay for other high fashion watches (straps are £9 with dials starting at £16)  so you can easily add to your collection ( have already added a further strap and dial), allowing you mix and match at will to suit your outfit and mood.  Showing my age, but for me it’s the updated and much more stylish version of those Swatch watches I coveted as a teen.
With the Spring collection dropping in time for the launch, the latest addition is sunglasses – choose your frame, lens and legs to make a unique combo.  The seemingly endless choice means I can see a Summer of O-Sun on the horizon.

Why settle for one set of sunnies?

It was always the bags that were my siren call though, ranging from the classic O-Bag through to the O Basket complete with hole for your beach towel, the modular collection and unusual EVA rubber shells make a unique impression.
I had thought it was the O Pocket, the perfect size clutch with added fringe accessory that was calling my name but all thoughts were banished when I clapped eyes on the O bag ’50.  Styled in store with a maroon patent handle and corresponding charm, the shape was what did it for me.  Quirky but at the same time classy, touching it was a surprise, I expected it to feel cold and rubbery but was warm and felt almost like suede.  I was hooked.
It's got the strokability factor.

It’s got the strokability factor.

I left with a bag that I know will definitely give me joy every time I use it.  Introducing my take on the O bag ’50 styled with emerald green handles and corresponding patent charm.
Bag for Life

Bag for Life

With an O bag the beauty is that you can update your wardrobe by adding, changing or taking away some of the detail without losing the shape that you love.  My idea of a true bag for life!  I’m already planning on the addition of a shoulder strap and coming soon I will be able to accessorise it as a backpack.  What would you choose?
If you tend to find a style of accessory and stick to it but crave an easy update then check out O bag.  I warn you its addictive and you will definitely need to factor in decision making time.