About Me

Like many women, I have always had a love of clothes and putting them together in new and different ways. Creating new outfits and trying them out was my creative outlet when work left little room for the imagination! I was, and remain, inspired by my mother who always has the knack of knowing what goes together whilst adding personal finishing touches which make an outfit unique to her. She taught me to always have pride in my appearance and be the best version of myself at all times.

I was often asked by friends and colleagues about my clothes, in fact some of my key working relationships have been forged bonding over outfit choices. People were often surprised by the fact that some of the most commented on items were not designer labels or recent purchases. A common question was to wonder how or why they didn’t they see these items? Most of the time it was because something in their mindset stopped them viewing an item of clothing and its suitability in the same way I had. Friends also asked me to recommend clothes for them or help them put together a new outfit after admiring something I had worn. So it was with their encouragement that I founded Shape Your Wardrobe to turn a natural skill and hobby into my work, and to help people alter their mindset when it comes to dressing and to discover or rediscover a love of clothes.

Of course I haven’t always known what suits me, I was a teenager in the 90’s after all! Developing my personal sense of style took time, and I am still drawn to clothes which don’t work for my shape or lifestyle. However, I have learnt that however much I love them, I should leave them for others to wear well.

For me the greatest satisfaction is that moment when a client steps out wearing an outfit that defines them with confidence and their wardrobe is something which has been shaped into a thing of pleasure, not something to be fought with.